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HOWTO: ''Creating Images Of Your Linux System With SystemImager''
   by Falko Timme, March 22, 2005
   Have you ever had the problem that you have set up the ''perfect system'', and now you want to back up this system before you make changes to it so that you can restore the original state if you changes are not satisfying? Or are you a system administrator in a large company where you have to maintain hundreds of Linux machines that run exactly the same software, but are sick of installing each machine manually? Or did you develop a Linux-based hardware appliance, and now you want to sell it in big numbers on different hardware platforms (i.e., different hard disks, etc., not different processor architectures!) without having to maintain an image for each platform?  (pdf of the document)

FAQ: ''Bio-Linux Distribution via SystemImager Image Instead of CDROM''
   by Dan Swan, February, 2003
   Bio-Linux has been created using the SystemImager application. As such, Bio-Linux is not a Linux 'distribution' but a saved 'image' of a complete installation of Linux held on a specific computer at the EGTDC.  (pdf of the Bio-Linux FAQ as of February 2003 here)

Article: ''Recursive Use of SystemImager for Cloning Entire Clusters''
   by Scott Delinger, January 1, 2003
   This excellent article by Mr. Delinger discusses methods of using SystemImager to clone Linux clusters. Only available in the January 2003 print copy of SysAdmin magazine, with ''Cloning Linux Clusters'' as the eye grabber on the front cover. Good show, Scott!  (pdf of the SysAdmin home page for January 2003 here)

Presentation: Installing and Maintaining Linux Systems with the System Installation Suite
Location: HP Enterprise Technical Symposium 2002
   by Dann Frazier, October 11, 2002
   ABSTRACT: The open source System Installation Suite is a set of utilities for creating system images, performing automated cold installs, and efficiently propagating changes to machines in your network. SIS is a file based imaging tool, which simplifies distribution and architecture independency and the process of making incremental changes to an image. This talk will be an introduction to the tools and processes, as well as a summary of future plans.  (archived announcement here)

Cluster: ''The NIFLHEIM Cluster Uses SystemImager''
   by Ole Holm Nielsen, September 18, 2002
   We have used SystemImager very successfully to install a couple of Linux clusters at our site. We just finished setting up a large Linux cluster with 480 Pentium-4 PCs, see

We have followed the SystemImager manual quite carefully in this process, and we even found out that it's simple to build a new kernel 2.4.19 that will fit on the SystemImager boot diskette. When it came to PXE network installation I had to look up many details in the SYSLINUX documentation, and finally PXE turns out to be quite simple. Fully automated node installation (just press the power button!) is enabled through the pxeconfig toolkit written by Bas van der Vlies. We also give some advice about how we dealt with the installation of a whole truckload of PCs.

My SystemImager experiences are all documented in the page which I hope will be useful to other cluster builders. Please give me feedback for improving the usefulness (and correctness :-) of the page.  (archived version here)

Article: ''Corporate Open Source Collaboration?''
   by Brian Elliott Finley, August 19, 2002
   Mr. Finley writes about the conundrum of corporate involvement in Open Source software development.

Presentation: Hacking Embedded Linux
Location: DFW Unix Users Group  (Linux SIG)
   by Brian Elliott Finley, August 1, 2002
   Mr. Finley will cover some of the more interesting details involved in creating and customizing an embedded Linux environment. Topics that will be covered include how to make your binaries really really small, initialization scripts, and the boot process. The merits of static binaries vs. shared libraries will be considered, and alternatives to the standard glibc will be discussed.

Prior to attending, it is recommended that you read the following two articles written by Mr. Finley on BOEL (Brian's Own Embedded Linux):

Article: ''Same job. Different cubicle.''
   by Sam Williams, July 31, 2002
   Systemimager creator Brian Finley is interviewed by for this article on the VA Linux experience.  (archived version here)

Article: Lagging job market affects Linux pros, too
   by Victor Godinez, July 28, 2002
   Systemimager creator Brian Finley is interviewed by The Dallas Morning News for this article on the Linux related job market.

Announcement: Status of SystemImager Development Code
   by Brian Elliott Finley, July 1, 2002
   This announcement details many of the exciting new features and modifications in the SystemImager development code that will be included in the upcoming SystemImager 3.0 release.  (archived version here)

Article: The OSCAR Revolution
   by Rich Ferri, June 1, 2002
   ''Richard describes the history and goals of the Open Source Cluster Application Resource.'' This article includes screenshots of and references to System Installation Suite. It also includes references to Brian's diet.  (archived version here)

Article: Brian Writes about His BOEL, Part 2: Kernel and Booting
   by Brian Elliott Finley, May 1, 2002
   ''Brian's Own Embedded Linux'' is a small distribution that can boot from disk, CD-ROM or the Net. In the second article of a two-part series, Brian Finley covers the kernel configuration and boot process.  (archived version here)

Recommendation: Ram Samudrala's Linux Cluster HOWTO
   by Ram Samudrala, April 25, 2002
   Ram Samudrala mentions SystemImager in the ''Operating system installation and maintenance'' section of his HOWTO.

Article: Brian Writes about His BOEL
   by Brian Elliott Finley, March 1, 2002
   Brian's single-floppy Linux reveals software-shrinking secrets of the Linux masters.  (archived version here)

Article: Building a Mosix Cluster with SystemImager
   by Rick Philbrick, December 7, 2001
   Brian's single-floppy Linux reveals software-shrinking secrets of the Linux masters.

LJ Editor: Letter to the Editor
   Linux Journal, December 12, 2001
   In this letter to the editor, Brian clarifies the relationship between SystemImager and VA Linux.  (Very last item on the page)

Article: With Linux Clusters -- Image is Everything!
   by Rick Philbrick, October 11, 2001
   Mr. Philbrick writes about using SystemImager to install and maintain Linux clusters. Screenshots and examples included.

Press Release: Merger of SystemImager and LUI
   IBM, May 3, 2001
   Press release discussing the merger of the SystemImager and LUI projects.

Recommendation: rsync resources
   by Dr. Andrew Tridgell, March 20, 2001
   Tridge includes SystemImager in his short list of "rsync resources".

Article: Manage Large Scale Linux Systems
   Linux Advisor Zone, May 16, 2000
   Bristol-Myers Squibb plugs SystemImager.

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